About us

ABCDIGIT and AREALTI GROUPE brings together different skills gained for over 20 years in the field of computer engineering.

The observation of the exponential growth in the number of documents exchanged by the companies and the supply situation to help small business to deal with this phenomenon led ABCDIGIT to invest in this activity area.

The founders of ABCDIGIT, with the benefit of their experience in project management in industrial computing, information system management and profit centers management, have decided to respond to a new challenge :

How to provide small business with a document management tool adapted to their needs and their ressources ?

The skills acquired both in technical fields as relational fields led ABCDIGIT to define the following guidelines :
  • forget the computer to focus on the expectation of the end user,
  • take-up against the sophisticated interface software and present a simple and effective tool,
  • choose the best software components, in order to offer the most effective and least costly solution.
ABCDIGIT ceased operation at the end of 2015. AREALTI GROUP has provided since February 2016 sale of softwares myDoc3D and myDoc3D-Scan.
Sales of myDoc3D and myDoc3D-Scan are stopped since September 2017.


myDoc3D was validated in a partnership with entrepreneurs.
These companies are members of the Convergences Yvelines association and operate in totally various areas.
This partnership has allowed us to test and refine the proposed functions.

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