logodoc Access your documents by asking

  • Who ? : owner of the document or entity to which the document relates (client, provider, service, ...)
  • When ? (optional) : date of the document
  • What ? : type of document (tender, quote, invoice, mail, pay sheet, resume, ...)

Example :

If suppliers are defined in Who and quotes in What,

      You can access to all quotes of the supplier BBB :

      Conversely, you can access to outstanding quotes from all your suppliers :


logorecherche Keywords search in documents of any type

Search function is a Full Text search.
Documents found
are documents containing any combination of keywords you selected.

Search works regardless of the type of documents.

Search quickly finds your documents with indexation of documents, performed during the Import.

Results are organized by keywords found and displayed in a graphical form in 3D.
So you can choose, of a sudden glance, the documents most relevant to your search

The contents of each document is displayed with highlighted keywords found.